2018 – 2018


Uppsala University

Responsibilities include:

  • Investigating long laboratory spark development and breakdown using high speed photography and Matlab image processing
  • Simulating transient current distribution in structures and different media
  • Analysing X-ray emission from very long laboratory sparks
2011 – 2017

PhD Candidate, High Voltage Engineer and Research Assistant

Uppsala University


  • Measurement, analysis and numerical modelling electrical discharges and their X-ray production
  • Designed, constructed and implemented Uppsala University Lightning X-ray Detection System (installed in 4 countries)
  • Conducted various high voltage controlled tests according to the international standards
  • Designed and Implemented various High Voltage tests for academic research
  • Was in charge of lightning electromagnetic field measurement station
  • Solved various EMC/EMI problems in measurement systems in noisy environments such as HV labs and during lightning
  • Was in charge of conducting technical evaluations and purchasing equipment and products for research projects
2006 – 2009
Sri Lanka


Uva Wellassa University


  • Conducted lectures and laboratories in computer science, embedded systems and electronics
  • Developed curriculum of various computer science and physics courses, and degree programs
  • Linux and windows system administrator, maintained web servers, proxy server, mail server, IP/PBX server, domain controllers and student computer laboratories
  • Maintained the university website and the course management system
  • Participated in designing university network infrastructure
2003 – 2006
Sri Lanka

Assistant Lecturer and Research Assistant

University of Colombo


  • Conducted electromagnetic field measurement from lightning and constructed sensors
  • Designed embedded systems to solve both research and industry problems
  • Constructed micro-controller prototyping boards for research and teaching
  • Lecturer in embedded systems design and microcontroller architecture
  • Conducted lectures, laboratories and tutorials for undergraduate students


Numerical Modelling



HV Engineering

Embedded Systems

High Speed Photography

System Administration


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